Prismacolor NuPastel Sets
They're tougher than traditional soft pastels, but maintain the same rich, creamy pigments needed for superior blending and shading. Artists of all expertise levels can benefit from these pastels, especially those interested in illustration or tightly rendered drawings. Because they can be used wet or dry, it?s like a two-for-one deal-- mix them with water or odorless mineral spirits to create cool effects.

Nupastel Set 12 Greys
Item #: PRI27047
Out of stock
List Price: $13.64
Your Price: $10.91

Nupastel Sticks Set of 12
Item #: PRI27048
Out of stock
List Price: $18.91
Your Price: $15.13

Nupastel Sticks Set of 24
Item #: PRI27049
Out of stock
List Price: $37.81
Your Price: $30.25

Nupastel Sticks Set of 36
Item #: PRI27050
Out of stock
List Price: $56.71
Your Price: $45.37

Muspastel Sticks Set of 48
Item #: PRI27051
Out of stock
List Price: $75.64
Your Price: $60.51

Nupastel Sticks Set of 96
Item #: PRI27055
Out of stock
List Price: $151.25
Your Price: $121.00

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