Van Gogh Oil Burnt Umber 40ml Tube

Van Gogh Oil Burnt Umber 40ml Tube

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Talens Van Gogh Oil Color Burnt Umber 40ml tube. Van Gogh Oil colors were developed for artists who demand quality but are looking for exceptional value. Oils are made with the same high quality raw materials as Rembrandt Oils, only in somewhat lower pigment concentrations. Colors have equal drying times, and dry with a uniform degree of gloss, so even mixed colors have an identical appearance after drying. The range contains a group of commonly used and priced colors. Genuine cadmium yellows, reds, and specialty colors are also represented. The Van Gogh Oil offering contains a variety of opaque and transparent colors, in order to create depth effects in the painting. Transparent colors are ideal for use in glazing paintings. Light fastness varies from good to very good, so paintings retain their vibrancy over time.

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